“We’re are a vulnerable community and we have so much knowledge to conserve— not only for our own culture, but to share the knowledge of our elders with the World… We have many stories, tales, myths, and legends that we can share, allowing the true practice of intercultural understanding to become a reality.” – Maestro Juan Agustin Fernandez


Shipibo leader and Master Healer Juan Agustin Fernandez calls for support of the Song of the Amazon film project. Speaking about the rich knowledge carried by the Shipibo-Konibo people, Juan Agustin discusses the importance of sharing Shipibo wisdom with the world.


Maestro Juan Agustin Fernandez is a Shipibo leader of the Cantagallo pueblo in Lima, Peru and Secretary of the Shipibo cultural organization la Asociación de la Comunidad Urbana Shipibo Konibo de Lima Metropolitana (ACUSHIKOLM)- the Association of the Urban Community of Shipibo-Konibo in Metropolitan Lima.