El Canto del Maestro“, painting by Reshin Bima

Canto del Maestro


El Canto del Maestro (The Song of the Master Healer) by Reshin Bima is inspired by a Shipibo icaro (healing song) sung by the maestro during ceremony where he describes sitting on top of the ayahuasca flower.


The visions of this painting represent the songs of the “warmi” shamanic dieta, which connects the maestro to the feminine part of the universe.


Under the moonlight, the river flows through the jungle, taking us on a journey where we go by water into the world of the medicine visions, encountering animal and spirit allies along on the way.


Chacruna leaves flow out from the mouth of the serpent into the ceramic vessel, which carries the preparation of the sacred ayahuasca medicine.


On this journey, we connect with the birds that dance and sing amongst the leaves of the trees. We connect with the butterfly, a messenger of good energy which takes us to the world of the stars.


Above the head of the maestro is the watchful eagle, who offers the maestro a vision of the healing. The eagle is a messenger, flying out ahead of the maestro and warning him where difficulties and obstacles lie on the path ahead.


From his perch high in the tree, the owl looks down over the spiritual world, offering a vision of good. The owl also acts as a messenger; the song of the owl warns of danger or shares a message of good news.