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Category Archives: Visionary Art

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Song of the Maestra

Canto de la Maestra

“Canto de la Maestra” painting by Reshin Bima. “I practice a spiritual life of traditional medicine passed on to me by my grandparents. The ayahuasca is one of our medicinal plants, very sacred, that we use to cure. Our health, within the Shipibo-Konibo is maintained by the healers.” – Maestro Juan Agustin Fernandez   The…

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Featured Artist: Elena Valera – Bahuan Jisbë

Elena Valera Lima Shipibo

  “I have painted out of a love for what I am and so that my children will inherit this pride and hold on to what we have and what we are as Shipibo.” – Bahuan Jisbë / Elena Valera       Elena is a Master Healer, embroiderer and well-known visionary painter. Her vast…

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Ronin Nima

“Ronin Nima” painting by Reshin Bima.   This painting depicts the energy of the primordial anaconda spirit known as Ronin and the Shipibo word meaning “to lift up” or “invoke” known as Nima. In Shipibo folklore, Ronin is the primordial anaconda who is the mother and guardian of the Rivers and the Rainbow— the cosmic…