Elena Valera (Bahuan Jisbe)


“I have painted out of a love for what I am and so that my children will inherit this pride and hold on to what we have and what we are as Shipibo.” – Bahuan Jisbë / Elena Valera


Elena Valera Lima Shipibo


Elena is a Master Healer, embroiderer and well-known visionary painter. Her vast knowledge of Shipibo folklore and culture can be seen in her work, which incorporates traditional Shipibo designs with mythological characters and sacred beings to form a contemporary perspective.




Elena’s visual repertoire consists of aspects of the flora, fauna, daily life, and customs of the Shipibo-Konibo as well as their visions with ayahuasca. Her interest in learning new techniques led her to research and maintain traditional techniques of using natural dyes and earthen pigments to create her work.