Animated from paintings of Shipibo artist collective Barin Bababo.Video & Animation by Psicopompo Perro Negro. Translated to English by Song of the Amazon.

In this video, Maestro Curandero (Master Healer) Armando Cerrano Alvarez and Elmer Bima Inuma share knowledge on the Amazonian Shipibo-Konibo worldview.
The Shipibo recognize an inherent spirit and connectedness that exists among all things. At the moment of our birth, a person’s first thought is considered to be the manifestation of their spirit, which the Shipibo call shiná.
Plants, animals, elements of nature and the universe also have a shiná and sentient consciousness. Certain plants, sometimes referred to as “master” or “medicine” plants, embody the power of Nature, and are known to be teachers of knowledge and protectors of the forest.
“Not all plants are medicinal— those that are offer us their wisdom. Everyone has a natural connection with this knowledge. However, in the city it is very difficult to establish this connection, because many systems exist that act like curtains or veils, making our connection with nature or ‘the knowledge’ difficult to maintain. Through medicinal plants we can establish a bridge and regain this knowledge.” -Maestro Armando Cerrano