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Song of the Amazon is a visionary feature-length animated film created to share the stories and cosmology of the Shipibo-Konibo indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon.


This groundbreaking film brings Shipibo visual music and stories of the Amazon to life in a way that has never before been seen outside of the experiential visions of the plant medicine, Ayahuasca.


Weaving together breathtaking visuals, songs and indigenous story wisdom, this film will take audiences on a profound and captivating journey that will evoke, awaken, inspire, and expand consciousness.

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Ayahuasca: Is it a Cure for all Disease?

Written on September 18, 2014

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An important and provocative topic when discussing Ayahuasca is the common misconception that it has the miraculous ability to cure all disease. Investigative journalist Peter Gorman addresses in this informative blog article, that asking if ayahuasca offers a permanent cure to AIDS, Cancer and other serious disease, is simply the wrong question:


“I think the question should be: Can a good curandero really access a spirit world that can aid him/her in finding imbalances in a patient that, if corrected, will help eliminate physical illnesses on this plane of reality? And if extra work is needed, can that curandero really come back from his/her ayahuasca dream armed with the information about plants and diets for the patient to use to eliminate those illnesses?”


The idea that ayahuasca can heal all that ails us, stems from a misunderstanding of how whole-system (mind-body-spirit) healing works; a clearer way of looking at it would be to say that ayahuasca has the capacity to remove obstacles and thought patterns that impede our growth process, therefore empowering us to heal ourselves.


In traditional Shipibo medicine, there is a strong focus on healing and addressing problems in the spiritual world in order to cure what is manifesting in the mind and in the body. The modern medicine perspective on one hand, and the psychedelic perspective on the other, often overlook or isolate the spiritual component that is integral to true healing and personal growth. From these perspectives, ayahuasca is looked at based on pharmacology and specific effect on the brain or body; as a substance, rather than a spirit and a spiritual tool that is a part of a complete system and way of relating to the world.


Looking for a “quick-fix”, be it to heal disease or to experience a psychedelic substance, is an incomplete way of thinking that speaks to the disconnection of the modern world. This illusion of disconnection causes a narrow perspective, which limits the area where solutions can be found. Ayahuasca potentiates connection, and can open us up a realm of possibilities that can be accessed to empower our personal healing and transformation. In the Shipibo framework of addressing the spiritual root causes of a disease, miracles can and do occur. That said, Ayahuasca is a part of the wider practice of Shipibo medicine which uses other medicinal plants and methods to promote physical as well as spiritual healing.


The power of holistic modalities such as Shipibo medicine is that they can help us reframe our approach to healing and personal growth to be focused on a return to wholeness, which enables health and fulfillment on all levels of being.

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Nature’s Pharmacy

Written on September 11, 2014

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“We have many medicinal plants for basically all diverse applications and uses… Illnesses that modern science can’t cure, the understanding of the cure exists in the healers and herbalists.”

- Shipibo Maestro Juan Agustin Fernandez


For people worldwide, there was a time when all the cures and medicines needed to heal and prevent illness were sourced directly from nature. The Shipibo-Konibo have maintained the legacy of practicing their native medicines and still carry the knowledge of how to use the plants in this way. This is in part due to the fact that there is often little access to contemporary medicine in the far reaches of the Amazonian jungle. Additionally, it is often more expensive to receive treatment from a doctor or clinic, therefore Shipibo villages rely on the master healers and the accessibility of the renewable medicinal plant resources growing around them.


Shipibo medicine is a highly sophisticated, holistic system, practiced by expert healers and herbalists. These master healers spend decades learning how to cure and utilize plants from their teachers, and directly from the plants themselves. The Shipibo effectively use plants not only to prevent infection, detoxify the body, and heal wounds, but to treat illnesses of the body such as HIV, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, digestive problems, reproductive issues, and mental conditions such as schizophrenia, paranoia and depression.

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Shipibo Healing Traditions

Written on September 5, 2014

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In recent decades, there has been a shift in the modern world to seek out more holistic forms of health and healing. This has lead to an increasing interest in age-old systems of medicine from cultures around the planet that address not only the physical symptoms of an illness, but the underlying physiological, psychological, and even spiritual contributing factors that lead to imbalance and disease. One such healing tradition exists within the shamanic practices of the Shipibo master healers of the Peruvian Amazon.


The Shipibo people have maintained a close connection to nature, not only due to their need to survive off the land in isolated areas, but as a part of their worldview, which believes that animals, plants, the skies, the waters and other nature elements have a spirit. Certain plants with powerful curative properties, are known by the Shipibo to possess intelligence and are considered to be teachers to humanity.


The most notable of these “master plants” is Ayahuasca, called Oni in the Shipibo language, who is considered to be “la madre”, the mother of the plants and plant medicines. The ayahuasca ceremony is a central practice of Shipibo traditional medicine, during which Shipibo master healers apply their curative expertise.


The entheogenic brew of the ayahuasca vine mixed with the leaves of the chacruna plant, shifts consciousness, providing Shipibo healers with visions they use to aid them in their healing work. It also allows access to the realm of the plant spirits known as Rao Nete where knowledge and insight can be gained.


In the Shipibo worldview, all disease and emotional imbalance is thought to be rooted in the spirit world. Sicknesses are described as harmful spirits or energies that must be cleaned and removed from the body.


For those seeking healing from Shipibo medicine, it is important to understand that, although initiated and supported by the healer and the plant medicines, the healing process is very much driven by personal commitment. It requires one not only to take outward steps towards addressing imbalance (by choosing healthy lifestyle), but to look inwards, sometimes uncovering deeply hidden emotions and traumas.


One’s dedication to this inner work is integral to beneficial transformation, which in Shipibo medicine, is assisted by the master healer and reinforced by the plant spirits who offer humanity their healing power and wisdom.

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The Culture & Artistry of the Shipibo-Konibo

Written on August 14, 2014

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Teacher and master healer Juan Agustin speaks about the rich heritage and artistry of the Shipibo-Konibo people, a thousands of years old native culture that lives in the Peruvian Amazon.

Maestro Juan Agustin Fernandez, is a Shipibo leader of the Cantagallo pueblo in Lima, Peru and Secretary of the Shipibo cultural organization ACUSHIKOLM, la Asociación de la Comunidad Urbana Shipibo Konibo de Lima Metropolitana (the Association of the Urban Community of Shipibo-Konibo in Metropolitan Lima), as well as a professor at the Bilingual Pedagogical Institute in Pucallpa, Peru.

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The Song of the Master Healer

Written on August 7, 2014

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El Canto del Maestro“, painting by Reshin Bima

Canto del Maestro


El Canto del Maestro (The Song of the Master Healer) by Reshin Bima is inspired by a Shipibo icaro (healing song) sung by the maestro during ceremony where he describes sitting on top of the ayahuasca flower.


The visions of this painting represent the songs of the “warmi” shamanic dieta, which connects the maestro to the feminine part of the universe.


Under the moonlight, the river flows through the jungle, taking us on a journey where we go by water into the world of the medicine visions, encountering animal and spirit allies along on the way.


Chacruna leaves flow out from the mouth of the serpent into the ceramic vessel, which carries the preparation of the sacred ayahuasca medicine.


On this journey, we connect with the birds that dance and sing amongst the leaves of the trees. We connect with the butterfly, a messenger of good energy which takes us to the world of the stars.


Above the head of the maestro is the watchful eagle, who offers the maestro a vision of the healing. The eagle is a messenger, flying out ahead of the maestro and warning him where difficulties and obstacles lie on the path ahead.


From his perch high in the tree, the owl looks down over the spiritual world, offering a vision of good. The owl also acts as a messenger; the song of the owl warns of danger or shares a message of good news.