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Category Archives: Ayahuasca

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Shamanism: Concerns & Reflections


The word “shaman” has been co-opted from its Evenki (Siberian) origins due to the limited vocabulary of anthropologists, and in its current context is used as a blanket term to describe a wide range of practitioners who enter altered states of consciousness and communicate with the spirit world for a variety of purposes.   Because…

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Animation Test Short


We are very excited to share this animation test short for Song of the Amazon! Song of the Amazon is a mind-expanding animated film we are creating to share the cosmology, visionary art, and wisdom of the Shipibo-Konibo people of the Peruvian Amazon.   Art, myth and story have always been powerful catalysts for change….

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Kené – Shipibo Vibrational Design


According to the cosmology of the Amazonian Shipibo-Konibo people, the primordial anaconda Ronin, brought the Universe into existence by singing a song that was depicted in the patterns of her skin. This conveys an understanding that existence is essentially comprised of vibrations, encapsulating the connection between the energetic and material worlds and expressing the link…

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Ayahuasca Ceremony: What Is It?


Known commonly as ayahuasca, Oni is a sacred Shipibo medicine that is used in a traditional ceremonial context for the purpose of healing. As information about this sacred traditional medicine is disseminated to the modern world, misconceptions about ayahuasca and ayahuasca ceremony are becoming widespread. We would like to offer clarity about Oni and its…

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Ayahuasca: Is it a Cure for all Disease?


An important and provocative topic when discussing Ayahuasca is the common misconception that it has the miraculous ability to cure all disease. Investigative journalist Peter Gorman addresses in this informative blog article, that asking if ayahuasca offers a permanent cure to AIDS, Cancer and other serious disease, is simply the wrong question:   “I think…