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Category Archives: Nature Connection

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Ayahuasca Ceremony: What Is It?


Known commonly as ayahuasca, Oni is a sacred Shipibo medicine that is used in a traditional ceremonial context for the purpose of healing. As information about this sacred traditional medicine is disseminated to the modern world, misconceptions about ayahuasca and ayahuasca ceremony are becoming widespread. We would like to offer clarity about Oni and its…

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“Everything is an inseparable piece of a greater whole, including our own human community… If we were connected to our Earth, we would not have an environmental crisis.” -Jon Young   Shipibo artist and Song of the Amazon creative partner Reshin Bima shared a few stories with us recently about changes he has seen in…

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Shipibo Healing Traditions


  In recent decades, there has been a shift in the modern world to seek out more holistic forms of health and healing. This has lead to an increasing interest in age-old systems of medicine from cultures around the planet that address not only the physical symptoms of an illness, but the underlying physiological, psychological,…

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The Song of the Master Healer

Canto del Maestro

“El Canto del Maestro“, painting by Reshin Bima   El Canto del Maestro (The Song of the Master Healer) by Reshin Bima is inspired by a Shipibo icaro (healing song) sung by the maestro during ceremony where he describes sitting on top of the ayahuasca flower.   The visions of this painting represent the songs…

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Featured Artist: Reshin Bima


  “The medicine (Ayahuasca) diminishes your ego, showing you how the ego blinds you and dominates your every though and action in life. By doing so it opens your eyes and ears to the dialogue of Mother Nature; the plants, the animals and all of the spirits around us. Thus you can live in greater…