“We have many medicinal plants for basically all diverse applications and uses… Illnesses that modern science can’t cure, the understanding of the cure exists in the healers and herbalists.”

- Shipibo Maestro Juan Agustin Fernandez


For people worldwide, there was a time when all the cures and medicines needed to heal and prevent illness were sourced directly from nature. The Shipibo-Konibo have maintained the legacy of practicing their native medicines and still carry the knowledge of how to use the plants in this way. This is in part due to the fact that there is often little access to contemporary medicine in the far reaches of the Amazonian jungle. Additionally, it is often more expensive to receive treatment from a doctor or clinic, therefore Shipibo villages rely on the master healers and the accessibility of the renewable medicinal plant resources growing around them.


Shipibo medicine is a highly sophisticated, holistic system, practiced by expert healers and herbalists. These master healers spend decades learning how to cure and utilize plants from their teachers, and directly from the plants themselves. The Shipibo effectively use plants not only to prevent infection, detoxify the body, and heal wounds, but to treat illnesses of the body such as HIV, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, digestive problems, reproductive issues, and mental conditions such as schizophrenia, paranoia and depression.