Ronin Nima” painting by Reshin Bima.


This painting depicts the energy of the primordial anaconda spirit known as Ronin and the Shipibo word meaning “to lift up” or “invoke” known as Nima. In Shipibo folklore, Ronin is the primordial anaconda who is the mother and guardian of the Rivers and the Rainbow— the cosmic road that links the water to the Sun.


Ronin kené by Reshin Bima

Ronin kené by Reshin Bima


In ceremony, the maestro invokes (nima) Ronin to bring visions to the participants. According to the Shipibo-Konibo worldview, the universe began when Ronin sang the song depicted within the designs of her skin. The serpentine energy of Ronin can be seen expressed in traditional Shipibo kené designs.


Ayahuasca is considered to be a manifestation in plant form of the primordial anaconda Ronin. According to Shipibo belief, in order to see and create the kené designs, you need to consume plants that express the power of the anaconda, especially piripiri and ayahuasca.